Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Peluang Bersedekah Bersama Our Touch

Assalamualaikum. Semoga ni bagi peluang untuk anda yang mencari tempat nak membuat sumbangan, bersedekah, boleh la buat sumbangan disini.

Copy Paste dari Facebook Our Touch

#‎Jordan‬: visiting Syrian and Palestine refugee.
Distributing kits that contains of toiletries and basic groceries worth RM200.
We are preparing for 700 families.
COUNTDOWN (as 19/8/14): 201 families
How many families to go?: 499 families

U may donate for one family or as low as RM1 only.
Donate today!! 

564016614576. Ourtouch Community. Maybank.

Do email us for any transaction under '#Jordan at info@ourtouch.org

P's: Seats to be our volunteers during this program is still available. 

Do contact us for more info. Tq

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